Our Tournament is Back in 2023
August 11, 12, 13

We Appreciate
Your Continued Support

Proceeds benefit

the McAdams Golf Club Junior Golf Program and Scholarship Fund

From our President

Eddie Wells

As a relatively new member of the McAdams Golf Club, I am overjoyed to be part of such a historic organization. This club has withstood the challenges of the past. We will not stop as we attempt to inspire members in our community as we move forward into the future. Current members have inherited a huge responsibility. We are charged with upholding the traditions and values that started many years ago. We have faced those adversities with courage and perseverance. We need to double down on our efforts. Remember, it takes a village.

It is no small task when attempting to walk in the shadow of well-established community leaders. Male and female. When we say McAdams Golf Club members and others in the community should be proud for several reasons. One, we are one of the longest surviving minority golf clubs in the nation. Two, we have provided and continue to provide scholarships to numerous disadvantaged kids. Three, we sponsor one of the most exciting annual golf tournaments on the circuit. So, stand tall McAdams. Be proactive in your individual efforts. Give back to the community that's given us our moral compass.

Eddie Wells, President
McAdams Golf Club